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Hermosa is a popular name in Costa Rica, as it means beautiful – this is why there are several beaches named Playa Hermosa in the country. Our hotel is located on the Hermosa Beach that is in the district of Garabito – located about 10 minutes from Jaco Beach and one and a half hours from San Jose.

Enjoy a cocktail and sunset at one of the local beachfront bars! Jaco receives some of the best sunsets in Costa Rica.

And it takes 25 minutes to get to Playa Bejuco, with empty barreling beach breaks for miles. If you take your car surfing, never leave any valuables in it, but you should bring your passport and drivers license since there are plenty of places where the police are waiting to bust you for speeding. What is nice is that from Isla Damas to Boca Barranca, it's well paved and wide open. The views are also fantastic so enjoy the ride. Jaco has plenty of shops for surfers and souvenier hunters, as well as a hefty nightlife. Get up early to catch some waves like these below, because by 9 a.m. the wind could be on it along with thirty other "friends"..

This Playa Hermosa draws surfers from all over the world and is a home to both national and international wave lovers! It is one of the best places in the world to surf – with consistent waves and warm water. It is one of the crown jewels of Costa Rica – offering some of the best surf breaks in the country. Friends and families of surfers come from near and far to watch surfing in Playa Hermosa. Home to the weekly Backyard Surf Series, every weekend there is a local grassroots surf contest featuring some of the best surf talent in Costa Rica. There is never a dull moment with the constant entertainment of watching surfers from day break to sundown.